Sponsor A Mature Tree

Mature trees capture   
   FOUR TIMES more CO2   
than newly planted trees   

It takes 25 years for new trees to reach maturity    
We don't have time to wait!    
"Say 'No' to Extinction"    

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  1. The Sam-Tree Preservation Model  - has secured access to thousands of mature evergreen trees, which were scheduled for felling, but are now available for "preservation sponsorship" over the next three decades. 
  2. Mature Evergreen Trees - capture carbon year round, which makes them highly efficient carbon capture devices, on top of their role in creating woodland habitats for wildlife to set up home and thrive. 
  3. The Sam-Tree Business Model - compensates tree owners for income losses incurred by preservation of their mature evergreen trees, as part of the global emergency response to climate change. 
  4. The Sam-Tree Carbon Capture Algorithm - estimates the 'carbon-dollar' impact of preserving a single mature evergreen tree, as yielding a climate stabilization value of approximately $250 per sponsored tree, per decade of sponsorship, which works out at $25 per mature tree per year, and proportionately reflects the value of felled timber, when the costs of felling, transporting and processing are factored in. 
  5. The Sam-Tree Expansion Model - will acquire the preservation rights to thousands of additional mature trees, when 50% of our current trees have been sponsored, in an inverted pyrimidal economic progression, which aspires to preserve as many mature trees, as our anchor sponsors and our environmentally motivated individuals and groups are willing to support going forward. 
  6. The Sam-Tree Economic Impact Model - aspires to work with timber, educational, research and government interests to assist diversification into production of renewable fiber-based construction materials with equal if not better mechanical characteristics compared to timber products derived from mature evergreen trees. 

"Say 'No' to Extinction!" 

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